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Shenzhen QinHongDa  Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.  We are a professional manufacturer on the high precision machinery parts. Our factory is located in Shenzhen City, China. We build up our company from small scale on 2008. We now process 1,250 ㎡ factory, about 32 sets machines of CNC, Wire-cut machine, Milling machine, Turning machine, Grinding machine, High-speed punching machine, about 60 skillful and experinced workmen, and over 13 years work experience engineers in this area. We accept all OEM orders, MOQ is 1 piece. We protect secrecy of our customers strictly and we always see quality as our company's life, all these make our company keep expanding these years since it's foundation on 2006.

       We can manufacture mechanical parts from simple to complex, such as simple machined plate with holes and gloves, shaft with coupling or thread, turning parts with angle shape. We can treat all kinds materials, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, galvanized plate, POM, PE, PVC, ABS. We can provide material certificate to customers. Of course, we also do all kinds of surface treatment, such as Black/Clear anodizing, Passivation, Nickel/Chrome/Gold/Titanium plating and power panting.

Working guideline:
Team cooperation and deal with concrete matters,
create energetic environment ;
press above, high quality
Achieve obvious industry predominance

Quality guideline:
Excellent quality, punctual schedule, continual improvement , customer satisfaction,mutual  development

Environmental policy:
Protect environment, prevent pollution ;    harmonious world,  save energy sources ;
Total participation, continual improvement ;  pleasant homestead ;

It adapt to whole process, includes R&D, design, production, delivery and other relevant actions, the following is our action principle for above promises:
1.  Reduce and avoid bad affection for environment in our daily actions ;
2.  Improve process procedure to reduce waste and get high efficiency
3.  Monitor and evaluate environment aspect regularly to maintain good environmental management system
4.  Obey environmental rules and laws made by region, country and International environmental treaty, respect  people’s environmental desire
5. Have a training to improve staff’s environment protection idea and create a good system
6.  Announce and publish environmental policy:, make our promises to service for our people.
Quality management:
Quality is Qin HongDa’s life, we work hard to make customers satisfy by our advanced quality management system and equipment.

R&D:     We provide professional and rich experience, our empressement and advanced software to perform our promise“excellent quality and keep improving”.

Machining:    Qin Hongda Precision Machinery Co., Ltd  has nearly 60 professional technical staff, using of advanced equipment.The wire- cut , the machine and CNC  processing center, internal -external grinding machine, and high precision pressure  and redesign) to improve the quality management, operation system to meet demands, having set a good business reputation.

Main customer:
Panasonic,Sanqing semiconductor,Ricoh industrial,Epson  technology,Sonny,Philip semiconductor,Sanyo machine,Shinanomotor,NHK spring co,ltd,Ante industrial,Panasonic motor,Olympus industrial,Netmoldds,Corcond camera,Circle 5 tool and mould inc,Mag inc,world select ,light switch fafety  ststems,Standex electronics,P&G,supply windows,Global tooling solutions,LLC,Hover davis inc,universal instrument equipment manufacture (Shenzhen),yisheng executive accessories co.Jinbawang (CHINA) co,ltd,Haman  multimedia co,cotterlaz connection shenhen